Tuesday, January 09, 2007

L'Appetito with Dan and Michael

L'Appetito: (River North) Chicago
30 E. Huron St.

Lunch with Dan and Michael at L'Appetito.jpg

Lunch with Dan and Michael at L'Appetito_3.jpg

It took under 10 minutes to cycle to this Italian Café and Deli from my office in the heart of the Loop. I untucked my slacks from my socks - this kept them out of the bicycle chain (tight rolling also works) - and I was ready to ask L'Appetito's deli staff to make me a custom Tostino, one of their "signature grilled sandwiches .. drizzled with extra virgin olive oil." Roasted eggplant, olives, roasted red peppers and arugula - all picked from descriptions on various items on the overhead menu boards at the deli that's tucked behind a row of groceries on the other side of the seating nook - were all brilliant together. The olive oil brought it all together. Walking down the street into sight of the historic Medinah Temple and the lower flowers of the incomplete Trump Tower, Dan told me "that's the way to eat .. all those oils are key."

Lunch with Dan and Michael at L'Appetito_2.jpg

Chris at Lunch with Dan and Michael at L'Appetito (photo: Dan K.).jpg

Photos: Chris B. and Dan K.


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