Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Osaka brings vegan Sushi to Chicago

Osaka Sushi Express & Fresh Fruit Smoothies: (Loop) Chicago
400 S. Michigan Ave.
(312) 566-0118

Osaka Sushi Express with Jon_3.jpg

The softness of the avocado in their avocado (and sesame) rolls is very impressive for this time of year. The (shredded) carrot supreme rolls taste quite clean. And the Kanpyo roll features a sweet caramelized gourd (and sesame) that's just a little bit chewy. The meal's a little lighter than the meals we're been having for the holidays, my bro reminds me as we're staring out the counter windows at the Art Institute and a partial skyline behind it, but still satisfying -especially after cycling to a breakfast of sharing three vegan treats at Bleeding Heart Bakery. Osaka's Inari is quite classic, especially with enough wasabi mixed in to your soy sauce to make you cry. Everything seems quite fresh. Other presumably vegan options include the miso soup, cucumber roll, inari roll, vegan roll combination, edamame, seaweed salad, cucumber salad and sushi rice. Good smoothies? Try them and let me know. I was too taken by the rolls. Thanks Rose for showing me this place. I loved our treats here as well! A frequent must for Loop lunches.

Cycling in the Loop with Jon.jpg
Cycling back home after lunch

Building face saved on Wabash in Loop.jpg
Faces: all that's left of the buildings behind this scaffolding on Wabash Ave. in the Loop

photos: Chris B.


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