Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Indian Vegan Buffet Extension

Gaylord India Restaurant: (River North) Chicago
678 N. Clark St.

When I rolled in to Gaylord this afternoon to meet colleagues for lunch, I instantly recognized Nassir at the front counter. I haven't been to Gaylord in ages, but Nassir remembered that I am vegan and came to me to guide me through the buffet. The chana masala, yellow and white rice mix, and pakora are fine. He volunteered to bring me extra from the kitchen. I remember trying to unsuccessfully refuse before, so I rolled with it. And loved it. Then came a plate of tender carrots, potatoes and pea pods. Second came a soup of creamy dal with obvious cumin seeds. Everything was quite savory and lightly spicy, but the dal nicely left a bit of heat in the mouth -more than the other items. The special service was a very nice touch that left me, as in all my other trips to Gaylord, feeling very well accommodated.


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