Sunday, December 03, 2006

Late Night Gnocchi: 11:10 p.m.

Enoteca Roma: (Wicker Park) Chicago
2146 W. Division St.

Christopher sent me a text to invite me out last night. The temperature had dropped well below freezing, but after staying in much of the Saturday afternoon, I felt like a little invigorating bicycle ride would pick me up a bit. Christopher and Laura didn’t recognize me when I arrived and walked by the restaurant window in the snowboarding helmet. I’d switched from my bicycle helmet for warmth. Inside, the three of us sat at the bar catching up. Enoteca Roma’s lit glass bar cases made it obvious how much dimmer the main lighting was. Combined with the invigoration of the ride, this atmosphere relaxed and stimulated me into very soothing conversation.

After sipping a round of brandy, my stomach pressed for food. Enoteca Roma had provided bruschetteria and a good sampling of olives before, but I felt something more substantial was in order. That’s where a quick check-in with the kitchen led to finding that the gnocchi seemed vegan. A couple obvious changes to the Boscaiola (no cream, butter or Italian sausage) left me with a combination of whole-wheat gnocchi, crimini mushrooms, peas, garlic and olive oil that hit my spot. Laura liked the peas.

Gnocchi at Enoteca Roma.jpg
Thanks to Laura for letting me snap photos on her camera and for emailing them to me.


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