Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Drinks Just off the Michigan Avenue Madness

Fornetto Mei: (Michigan Avenue) Chicago
107 E. Delaware Place
(312) 573-6300

Sidewalk side bar of Fornetto Mei with Dan.jpg

Just before dinner, Dan and I sat drinking wine in an extension protruding from the Whitehall Hotel building made off glass walls and a glass ceiling. I felt protected from the Christmas shopping madness outside, one block away on Michigan Avenue. We had rolled in this "pan-Italian" restaurant with our bicycle helmets, past the front bar through the dining room to a table aside their second bar. I felt like a local, completely accommodated as one who might come back frequently, among the others in this Hotel District. A gust of cold blew through as one couple exited through a door marked closed for the winter, and they made it a point to go out of their way to come to us and tell us it wouldn't happen again. It's a good place for people watching outside and warming up in sight of their pizza oven on a chilly rainy day like today.

Front bar of Fornetto Mei with Dan.jpg

photos: Chris B.


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