Thursday, January 04, 2007

Lunch Break: My Thai Restaurant with Rose

My Thai Restaurant: (Loop) Chicago
333 S. State St.

My Thai Restaurant with Rose_3.jpg

My Thai Restaurant with Rose_4.jpg

This place fills up with a lively Loop lunch crowd, so I'm glad we made it in effortlessly at about 11:30 a.m. What doesn't have fish sauce? They came back to tell us lard nar, cashew chicken, mixed vegetables, and a few more. We got the first two, with tofu instead of the non-fish animals. Our food came in just minutes and was quite refreshing. Nicely, it tasted like it didn't have nearly as much salt as I'd expected. The great natural lighting was perfect for snapping photos. My Thai advocates family style meals, giving each person an empty plate to incite sharing. I love variety and love sharing vegan food with my meal pals - except lollipops. Soon we went back off to work, but not before a stop at Intelligentsia Coffee in the historic Monadnock Building. The hip barista taking orders wearing a nicely knotted tie - with a fuller knot than I know how to tie - volunteered a moment to demonstrate how to tie such a knot when the line died. This gesture made my day. Then, I was back to work at the bank to change the world.

My Thai Restaurant with Rose_2.jpg
Two food lovers. Rose snapping another photo in the background.

My Thai Restaurant with Rose.jpg
Menu with note from server indicating options without fish sauce (click to enlarge).

Photos: Chris B.


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