Thursday, December 28, 2006

Soul Veg at Loop Barnes & Noble

Barnes and Noble Cafe: (Loop) Chicago
State St. and Jackson Blvd.

Soul Veg Garvey Burger and Jerk Steak Wrap with Jon at Loop Barnes and Noble.jpg

In the middle of some serious trip chaining, my bro Jon and I found many tasty options from our old South Side favorite Soul Vegetarian Restaurant boxed up and ready to go in the case from the cafe at Barnes and Noble in the Loop. We took the jerk steak wrap (a moist and manageable mess of wheat gluten, peppers, onions, spinach, lettuce and tomatoes) and a Garvey burger (a firm but tender textured vegetable protein patty on a little wheat bun with catsup and mustard). Other options include a BBQ twist sandwich and lunch packs of black beans over brown rice with kale and BBQ wheat gluten roast, lasagna with kale and wheat gluten roast, and macaroni and cheese with kale and BBQ tofu - all vegan.

The impromptu vegan afternoon continued as we saw a "She needs her Fur more than We Do" ad on the Red Line from Mercy For Animals; checked out hot vegan not leather bags by Montréal's Matt and Nat at Akira and Shebang in Wicker Park; and spotted a station wagon advertising "Taste of Vegan Meals on Wheels" with Indiana agricultural education plates on its windows on North Avenue out front Bucktown Fitness.

Taste of Vegan Meals on Wheels outside Bucktown Fitness in Wicker Park.jpg

photos: Chris B.


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