Sunday, December 31, 2006

Filter's Killer Vegan Scone while waiting for Reckless Records

Filter: (Wicker Park) Chicago
1585 N. Milwaukee Ave.
(773) 227-4850

I took Mom and Dad to Reckless Records on Milwaukee Avenue to help Mom look in to selling records. We sipped tea at Filter while they were looking through Mom's soundtracks from All in the Family and The Bickersons.

At Filter, you can find vegan options like their tangy black bean veggie burger and sweet potato fries, but we had just eaten brunch. I didn't need anymore food, including the vegan scone I had. Loaded with seeds and dried fruit, it's made by Bleeding Heart Bakery and baked at Filter - and so crispy on the outside that the crumbly inside seemed so airy. It was hard to save any for later. Filter's sofas and lounge chairs are comfy, but the window seats are key to watching trendy clothing go by in bohemian and upscale styles. Filter's sister, Gourmand in Printer's Row, serves up very similar food with a very similar hip vibe from the nearby colleges, but I have seen vegan bars instead of the killer scones there.

Filter Lures With Vegan Sluts.jpg
19 June 2006 photo with Wicker Park's Milwaukee, Damen, and North Avenues intersection in the reflection behind a utility bicycle and Filter's sign luring with "Vegan Slut" and "Dirty Girl Scout" coffee drinks.

photo: Chris B.


Blogger Rosie said...

If only Chris featured Public Vegetarian opportunities!! Rita, the next time you're in the loop, head to Panera for an amazing eggless golden raisin or tart cherry scone!

11:11 AM  

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