Saturday, December 30, 2006

Russian Tea Time and Art Across the Street

Russian Tea Time: (Loop) Chicago
77 E. Adams St.

Russian Tea Time with Mom, Dad and Jon_2.jpg

Russian Tea Time with Mom, Dad and Jon_3.jpg

Mom, Dad, my bro Jon and I were off to a day of museum going, with a reservation at Russian Tea Time for some lunch. Some of us had flavored vodka, some of us the deep house tea with continuous refills, but all of us shared two vegetarian platters for 2. Make sure to be clear that you only want vegan items if that's what you expect; you'd need to omit some items. By default, the setup comes with an appetizer plate of potato dumplings, stuffed mushrooms, carrot salad, beet caviar, hummus, tabouhlie and vinaigrette salad followed by a platter of stuffed eggplant, stuffed bell pepper, a vegetarian layered stew called Domlama, mung bean stew, chick pea and onion stew, rice pilaf and kasha. Their hummus tastes much thicker and heartier than the Mediterranean variety I'm accustomed to, and the bulgar in their tabouhlie feels much more moist and full.

Art Institute with Mom, Dad and Jon_2.jpg

Art Institute, Man with Sears Tower in back_2.jpg

photos: Chris B.


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