Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Berghoff Cafe rocks Portobello and Avocado on Olive Bread

Berghoff Cafe: (Loop) Chicago
17 W. Adams St.

Berghoff Cafe rocks Portobello and Avocado on Olive Bread_2.jpgMany don't think of great vegan food when they imagine a German restaurant like Berghoff Cafe, but that might change if they would try Berghoff Cafe's juicy grilled portobello and asparagus, roasted red pepper, and avocado between slices of olive bread toasted in a panini press.

Walk down a flight of old stairs that are open to the sidewalk, and find a revolving door at the bottom. At the long and wrapping cafeteria-style counter inside, call out an order for a "portobello, no cheese but avocado instead." I highly recommend a side of their thick and crispy potato chips. This place runs a tight operation, from the person in charge of the line to the very effective bus staff. They're friendly, but zippy, so make sure you're ready to order. They have pasta, too, but I have seen absolutely no reason to stray from this amazing sandwich.

Berghoff Cafe rocks Portobello and Avocado on Olive Bread.jpgGarlands with small white holiday lights flow along the tops of the golden wood walls in the dining room that's lit through stained plastic or glass panels and shades. You'll see diners in suits and business casual. The formal suits and elegance of the wood remind me of an old Chicago, the kind I imagine bustling with street cars and pedestrian traffic around 1933, when Berghoff received Chicago's first post-prohibition liquor license.

Berghoff in the Old Days.jpg
Inside a side room at the Berghoff Cafe: an old photo of Berghoff with a streetcar passing down an old Adams St. teaming with well dressed people.

Photos: Chris B.


Blogger erin s said...

whoa. that sandwich looks good. i'm heading to berghoff's RIGHT NOW, as a matter of fact.

11:50 AM  
Blogger Rosie said...

Chris, look at all this FREE publicity you're doing for the Berghoff... you have erin running there now, in fact! You are clearly bringing them business. And as your dad has appointed me your marketing and business manager for your blogs, I thought I should bring this to your attention. Of course, my comment isn't it isn't personal. It's business. (And plus, after running into your dad last week on Dearborn, I have to stay on his good side... he knows where I work!!)

12:34 AM  

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