Friday, January 19, 2007

Indian Delivered

For a late night, we ordered in the office from CEO Deliveries, a delivery service to The Loop - if not other areas, too - from a number of nearby restaurants. Klay Oven (414 N. Orleans St. in River North, Chicago) took care of me with hearty unleavened roti and chana masala (spiced chick peas with a couple big potato chunks and slivers of fresh ginger), but it needed to be moistened with some sauce from my colleague's peas, onion, garlic, ginger and cumin in tomato sauce. On a previous dinner, CEO Deliveries brought me a chana masala from India House (58 W. Grand Ave. in River North, Chicago) that tasted incredibly wet and savory; but this time, Klay Oven's version seemed to have considerably less oil and salt.

Cycling back home in the sub-freezing cold refreshed me. I kept warm under a few good layers and the pedalling was my meditation, relaxing and processing thoughts of the day.


Blogger Rosie said...

And so? What's the verdict? Do you favor India House's chana over Klay Oven's? To some, I could see less oil and salt a good thing... but I'm guessing for you (and for me as well) it was not what you would have wanted. Did I just answer my own question?

It would be fun if you posted a pic of the chana from each place and we could guess which is which. Like a blind sight test.

I know I've mocked you in the past about being in your pictures... but now that there are none on this post at all, I have realized how much more fun your posts are when you're in them... ;)

12:32 AM  

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