Monday, January 29, 2007

Don't Go Home Before Going Out: Hema's Kitchen and Neo's New Wave

Hema's Kitchen: (Lincoln Park) Chicago
2411 N. Clark Street
(773) 529-1705

Dinner with Dan at Hema's_5.jpg
Dinner with Dan at Hema's_18.jpg
Dinner with Dan at Hema's_12.jpg
Dinner with Dan at Hema's_3.jpg
Dinner with Dan at Hema's_7.jpg
Above: Phil (left) and Dan (right) with heart-shaped potato cutlet
Dan's learned that it's best not to go home before going out (to avoid feeling like staying in once you get home). Thursday, Dan and his fabulous goodbye team took it to Hema's and then to Neo for a night of Planet Earth, "where everything revolves around classic new wave/new romantics music from the late 1970s, early 1980s," as Dan put it.

Hema's took care of us, lining up as many tables as needed to fit us together and making sure to thank us again and again as we left. A quick dash a few doors down took care of BYOB wine, and Hema's took care of making everything vegan so we could share - everything except the dishes with meat and cheese. Deep fried heart-shaped potato cutlets with peas, onions and coriander were quite tender soft on the inside with the crispy outside you'd expect from fried food. The samosas were classically crispy with a similar inside, and everything else was wonderful, too.

Neo took care of the rest - for the first time since 1983 for one of us. Afterwards, bicycling home was speedy as could be.

Photos: Christopher Brunn


Blogger Dan Korman said...

Chris - It was a fun night indeed and, once again, you captured it on film and in your expressive writing. While there are no photos of dancing and smiles at Neo, we fortunately have this blog entry and our own memories. - Love, Dan

8:43 AM  

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